MAstering THe #Flatlay


When it comes to styling an image worthy of a double tap, the Flatlay is your BFF.


Master the art of the #Flatlay for your personal brand. In this workshop you will learn how to create aesthetically pleasing images that will attraction brands attention. I will share my Flatlay photography secrets and those used by successful bloggers, brands and businesses from around the world.

This interactive workshop is full of learning and hands-on experience.  Join the #FlatlaySquad for:

  • Introduction to the benefits of Flatlays

  • 5 Keys to Creating an Eye-catching Flatlay

  • Phone + Camera Photography Tips

  • Editing Apps  

  • Post Editing + Social Sharing


My Flatlay workshop offers a practical, hands on approach to help you learn how to shoot high quality, engaging images that are perfect for your social media, newsletters and website marketing. During the workshop attendees will take photos and receive feedback on what works and how to develop your aesthetic.

Who should attend?

The workshop is designed for bloggers, small business owners, marketers and creatives who want to improve their photography and Flatlay styling skills. Each attendee will leave this session armed with the knowledge and motivation to style and capture better on brand and product images.

What you will walk away with?

  • Reference worksheets to help keep you on track.  

  • Sponsored products.

  • Images to get you started.

  • Improved knowledge and best practices for shooting a Flatlay.

 What to bring with you.

  • It's recommended all attendees have a smartphone with a working camera. 

  • A DSLR camera is more than welcome as well!

  • Personal Items to incorporate in your Flatlay for uniqueness. 

Let's get Lay’ed!


115-125 West 30th Street 11th FLR, Suite101,

New York, NY 10001

August 26th, 2017 | 12 pm - 2 pm




Oh' Hey, 


Hi, I’m  Karina, the mastermind behind the concept of visual brand marketing that tells a story.  I am on a mission to help creatives and creativity seekers take better images for their social platforms. Ones that will make sure you get recognized by brands . I want to help you to create visuals that make people stop, think and connect. You can see some of my work on the social media channels of Flag & Anthem, Kombrewcha, Farsali, MealPal App, HUE, Koral Activewear, and Macy's. 


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